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Snorkel with Dolphins at the Dolphin Experience

The Dolphin Experience

Written by Beth Garrett

Ever dream of learning all there is to know about Dolphins? Or even better yet, ever dream of having the unique opportunity to swim with these sleek and majestic creatures? The staff at The Dolphin Experience holds the key that can turn these dreams into reality.

The Dolphin Experience, which sits on a nine and a half acre lagoon known as Sanctuary Bay on Grand Bahama Island, is a top rated educational and research facility dedicated to the bottlenose dolphin. The lagoon, which holds about 30 million gallons of Be an Assistant Trainer at the Dolphin Experience water is home to 16 Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. By allowing visitors to interact, hands on style with the dolphins, the staff hopes to evoke such compassion for these and other marine life that guests will want to take an active role in protecting dolphins as well as their natural habitats.

Dolphin Care at the Dolphin Experience

The staff at The Dolphin Experience consists of marine mammal professionals including a staff veterinarian. Their job is not only to maintain and monitor the health of these bottlenose dolphins but conduct research that is then used to educate the public. The staff closely observes the dolphins? activities in order to recognize any unusual behavioral changes. High quality nutrition for the mammals is also important at The Dolphin Experience. The staff continuously collects gastric, blowhole, and fecal samples. They even perform ultra sounds on the dolphins in order to develop the best preventative medical program as possible.

Because of their superb research and educational programs people of all ages are able to interact with these beautiful creatures.

The Close Encounter Program

The Close Encounter Program at The Dolphin Experience allows visitors to learn up close and personal about the bottlenose dolphins. Guests take a ferry boat ride to Sanctuary Bay, leaving daily from Port Lucaya at hour and a half intervals between Kids Love the Dolphins at the Dolphin Experience 10:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Once visitors arrive at the lagoon, guests may venture into the water and touch these wondrous animals. The well knowledged staff is also on hand to answer questions and provide facts relating to the dolphins and their habitat. Visitors will have numerous photo opportunities in order to catch this amazing experience on film. The cost is only $59.00 per person, $29.50 for children 4-7, and children four and under are admitted for free. The Close Encounter Program is a perfect fun filled activity that any family can enjoy together. Reservations are required.

Swim or Snorkel with the Dolphins

The Dolphin Experience allows guests to swim with the dolphins in a safe and supervised atmosphere. The staff will guide vacationers through this extraordinary experience and answer any questions regarding dolphins in order to broaden the public?s knowledge pertaining to dolphins. To swim with the dolphins guests must be over the age of 12 and those under 16 must be accompanied by a participating guardian. The cost is only $149.00 per person and reservations are required.

Experienced snorkelers over the age of 12 also have an opportunity to snorkel with the dolphins. This is a truly unique experience that takes place in the open ocean near a shallow reef. This allows vacationers to become a part of the dolphins? Kiss the Dolphins at the Dolphin Experience world. The cost is $169.00 and reservations are required.

Be a Trainer at the Dolphin Experience

The Assistant Trainer Program, which is open to guests who are at least 16 years old, allows visitors to work directly with the animal care staff at The Dolphin Experience. This five hour program introduces participants to many aspects of the dolphins? daily lives. Vacationers will attend an open ocean training session as well as learn basic animal husbandry. At least once during the day assistant trainers will get to spend time in the water with the dolphins. The cost is $219.00 and since seating is extremely limited it may be best to make reservations prior to arriving on Grand Bahama Island.

For more information about The Dolphin Experience call 1-888-365-3483.

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